Designing Your Power System for Modularity

The explosion of new products on the market in terms of batteries, power stations, generators, solar panels, kinetic power units, and many more components it is absolutely possible to design systems to meet your lifestyle needs rather than just a single location need. It was not too long ago that the most viable answer for most off-grid power needs was a generator. Now generators have become a lot smarter and more efficient. Power stations can now accept input (e.g. generators, solar panels) and route power smartly to consuming devices. Dedicated batteries are now more capable of handling and storing your power for use over longer periods. Whether you are thinking about resiliency for your whole home, for emergencies, for extended camping trips, for weekends away with your devices in tow, I encourage you to consider these needs in total rather than as isolated needs. In much the same way that improvements in batteries and motors have made power tools ubiquitous for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, larger power systems are becoming far more common. Thinking carefully about what you need, where you need it, what products you prefer, and how they fit together can help streamline your power systems to help give you the power you need when and where you need it.