Portable Generator or Power Station: which to choose?

You might be here looking for off-grid power.

For use:

  • camping
  • RVing
  • emergency backup

We have two types offered, power stations and portable generators.


  • run appliances
  • charge electronics
  • have models scaled for how much power you need
  • have models that can run in parallel (two units together) to further increase your power capacity
  • are portable

So…which to pick?

Generators convert mechanical energy to electrical energy using an engine. This engine relies on constant fuel coming into to power the engine. This fuel can be in the form of gasoline, propane, or…human movement.

Power Stations store energy, so must be charged before they are ready to use. They are charged by electricity from an outlet, solar, or even a generator. Power stations are a big rechargeable battery.

When is a power station better?

  • short adventures where you don’t want to haul in fuel to run a generator
  • longer adventures where you don’t want fuel and have methods to recharge (solar, on-grid power, human power)
  • adventures involving small electronics that need occasional charging only

When is a generator better?

  • adventures where you want to run several appliances continuously without worrying about decreasing battery output over time
  • long adventures where you would rather bring or purchase fuel instead of recharging batteries when they run low

To make your choice, reflect on what you want to power up or charge during your next adventure and how you want to recharge or refuel.

Power Station vs Portable Generator