Sustainable and Renewable Power

Power stations and batteries are portable and reliable. They are also sustainable! With the sine wave inverter built in power stations and an external inverter connected to a battery, these power sources can be charged with power from the electrical grid or via solar technology. Both, more sustainable and renewable options than fossil fuels.

While fossil fuels are a finite resource, the sun is a near-endless renewable power source via solar technology. Advances in battery storage solutions and smart grid technologies make solar generator options more attractive than ever. Even better, government support and increased production and popularity make solar generator options accessible to more people. 

Using solar to charge your power stations takes the burden off of municipal electric grids and gas-powered charging methods which is better for our environment. When living or adventuring off-grid or deep in nature, a solar generator’s portability gives you freedom from infrastructure and gas stations.

You don’t need to be off-grid to benefit as more and more options for home solar power generation become available. And though installing solar panels to a home roof for primary power needs might be infeasible for some, harnessing solar power for backup or emergency power can be a more economical choice.