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The Pocket Socket USB 1Amp is the latest hand crank generator to come from K-Tor. It provides power from a standard USB, Universal Serial Bus, socket. It provides this power on this standard interface at up to one amp. It can charge any device that can be charged from a USB.

Product Details

The Pocket Socket USB 1AMP is the most powerful pocket sized hand crank generator on the market by far. It’s advanced features include a smart chip that converts directly from the generator to the USB 5 volt specified output at a high level of efficiency making this generator the highest power delivered to the USB device being charged and at the lowest possible effort cranking. The smart chip also has electronic current limiting and thermal protection to protect against accidental overloads. This new model now comes with a Velcro strap to attach the body of the unit to the hand holding it so that those with small or weak hands will have no trouble holding it and it takes minimal effort for this hand. The device can also be attached to a solid object.

Small, Light Weight and Portable

The size of a water bottle, the Pocket Socket weighs less than a pound, making portability one of its best features. (Size: 2.5″ x 2.25″ x 6.875″. Weight: 15 oz.)

The Pocket Socket USB 1Amp comes with a Velcro strap to help you hold the unit or attach it to a solid object. This means those with small or weak hands will have no trouble holding the unit and the work is done by the cranking hand, with little effort by the hand holding the unit.

Charge All Your Devices

The Pocket Socket USB 1Amp will charge a wide range of devices.

  • Smart Phones
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • Droid
  • Blackberry
  • PDA
  • Kindle
  • Tablet
  • Cell Phone
  • Satellite Phone
  • mp3 Player
  • Flashlight
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera Battery
  • Hand-Held Gaming Device
  • Digital Video Camera
  • GPS Navigation Device
  • Rechargeable Light
  • Hand-Held Radio

The Pocket Socket is the only hand crank charger that can charge:

  • Apple iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6iPhone 5iPhone 4SiPhone 4iPhone 3GSiPhone 3GiPods, and iPads
  • Digital Cameras
  • AA and AAA Battery Chargers

Hand crank chargers are used worldwide for:

  • Those traveling to areas that don’t have electric power. The Pocket Socket is a great universal travel battery charger for digital cameras, cell phones, flashlights, your GPS, iPhone and more. This is a great vacation device that you can rely on to charge your small electronics.
  • Camping and hiking so that a back up source of electricity is always readily available. The Pocket Socket generates electricity for flashlights, mobile phones, radios, cameras, rechargeable lights and other devices critical for campers, hikers and those in the great outdoors away from an AC outlet.
  • Emergency personnel and those in a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, hurricane or tornado. The Pocket Socket can make a difference between life and death in natural disasters that interrupt electricity. You can generate electricity by hand power when electrical sources are unavailable.
  • Emergency supply and survival kits for a home emergency, car emergency and general emergency preparedness. The Pocket Socket should be included in every 72 hour and emergency survival kit. It can be the difference between life and death in an auto, weather or natural disaster.
  • An alternative to solar powered chargers that rely on the sun to generate electricity. Solar powered generators don’t work at night or in the shade. Our hand crank generator, The Pocket Socket, works all the time, at night and in bad weather when the sun is not available.

Net Weight: 15 oz

Dimensions: 2.5″ x 2.25″ x 6.875″


The K-TOR Power Box 50 pedal power generator provides 14 volt DC power and has been designed to charge directly 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries. Devices that plug into an automotive 12-volt socket and are within the maximum power range such as USB outlets can be used. Insure devices plugged in are connected securely. Do not use devices that are loose as a poor connection can create arcing and a fire hazard. K-TOR offers accessories for these purposes such as the 12-volt male to alligator clips, included with the unit. Available to purchase from K-TOR are a 12-volt male to dual 12-volt female socket, 12-volt male to USB and 12-volt male to inverter. Or, purchase a third party 12-volt to Anderson Connectors converter. To run devices that exceed the generators maximum power charge a battery with a Power Box 50 and run an inverter off of that battery. Custom versions with different voltage and current regulation, such as charging lithium batteries, are possible within the maximum capability of the generator.


K-TOR provides a one year warranty on all generators starting from the date of purchase. The one year warranty covers defects in material and workmanship only. If a unit is found to be defective, K-TOR will repair, replace or refund the unit. To request a warranty claim, contact K-TOR by emailing info@k-tor.com. Once a return has been authorized, the unit must be returned to the factory postage prepaid. Do not modify or overload K-TOR generators as this can damage the unit and will void the warranty.


K-TOR accepts no liability from loss of use, injury or direct or consequential damages as a result of the use or inability to use or failure of K-TOR products.

Pedal Power requires physical exercise; ensure you are healthy enough to operate. Consult a physician if you are unsure. Connect only compatible devices. Insure devices plugged in are connected securely. Do not use devices that are loose as a poor connection can create arcing and a fire hazard. Do not stand on generator. Do not overload.

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